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Empowering the voices of those with lived experience in homelessness is not just about advocacy; it's about harnessing the power of firsthand insights to drive meaningful change in the fight against homelessness and the pursuit of affordable housing. Lived Experience Advisers (LEA) believes in the transformative impact that these voices can have on our community, policy, and the broader dialogue surrounding homelessness. By supporting LEA's training program for lived experience advocates, you contribute to a movement that elevates these critical perspectives, ensuring they're not only heard but also acted upon.

Green Abstract

Our specialized training equips advocates with the tools they need to effectively engage with legislative bodies, community organizations, and the media. This education goes beyond traditional advocacy, fostering a cadre of leaders capable of bridging divides and spearheading initiatives that bring tangible improvements to those still experiencing homelessness. Your support enables us to provide these workshops, develop impactful messaging, and offer meaningful compensation to our advocates for their invaluable work.

Green Abstract

By contributing to LEA, you're investing in a future where dialogue on homelessness and housing solutions is led by those who understand the issue most deeply. This is a chance to be part of a compassionate community that values action, dignity, and sustainable solutions. Your support not only fuels our training program but also amplifies the voices that can truly make a difference in the fight against homelessness. Join us in this crucial mission to make housing accessible for all and to restore dignity to those who have experienced homelessness.

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