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Academic and Professional Background

Years of Diverse Experience

Director, Client Services


Executive level consultant leading database marketing nprogram dessign and implementation at Alcon Labs, P&G Pampers and Southwest Airlines.  Annual revenue > $10mm

VP Strategy, Nexgenix


Worked as an intermediary between the founder his Co-CEO.  Developed positioning strategies for the company and product design teams.  Developed Nestle and a potential CRM client took us all the way from RFP to final pitch.

Vice President of Sales, 360 Group


Worked with management to streamline our product offerings and pitch. Developed and managed the lead that ultimately purchased the company.

Various Positions and Roles


Served in multiple roles from CEO of a VC startup to owner of several businesses ranging from Event Production to Boat Yard and Towing.

Voices of Our City Choir


Served in multiple roles from Operations and Production Manager to Director of Advocacy & Operations.  Designed and built our financial accounting systems and led our advocacy program grant writing program.

Resume: Resume
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