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Recruit, Train & Develop advocates with lived experience to spread the message that "Housing Solves Homelessness".


Lived Experience Advisers 

We share our stories with, among others, the community, academic and professional groups across the county to change the perceptions of homelessness, showing the unique diversity, strength, and the real POSSIBILITY of PEOPLE! We combat NIMBYism by supporting political leaders at community planning groups and hearings focused on new projects to serve the people experiencing homelessness. We also weigh in with political leadership at legislative meetings where homelessness and housing policies are on the agenda. 

Current Events


Modern Office

Advocacy Training

Training advisers on how to become engaging and effective speakers, by providing ongoing mentorship and guidance.

Program Design

Consulting on the development of programs from a lived experience, and trauma informed perspective.

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Political Conference

Community Outreach

Just this year we have addressed the San Diego City Council over 50 times, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors 20 times, and community groups and clubs over ten times.

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Families with children make up 30% of homeless populations.

2019 National Talley

Standing Meeting

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5060 Shoreham Place, Suite 350
San Diego CA 92122


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